Content of Corn for Chicken Feed

Content of Corn for Chicken Feed – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here is an article that discusses the content of corn for chicken feed for cockfighting fighters.

The feed that will be given to fighting cocks is of course very diverse and the benefits are different for fighting cocks. The feed that will be given to the fighting cocks must also be seen from the type of chicken. Is the chicken included in the type of chicken or spur chicken. So don’t carelessly give to your fighting cocks. But actually there is no problem if you provide feed that is specifically for chickens, there are no side effects. It’s just that the content contained in the feed does not all match what is needed by all fighting chickens. So therefore it must be seen first what kind of fighting cock.

Suppose the fighting cocks require a lot of protein content and do not require too much fat. Meanwhile, when you feed your fighting cocks, you are giving them food that contains a little protein and a lot of fat. This is of course the opposite of what the fighting cocks want. But do you know that corn feed is very good for all types of fighting cocks. So whatever type of fighting cock you have, you can feed it corn. Why is corn so good for fighting cocks? This is because the complex carbohydrate content found from corn is very good for fighting cocks.

Helps the Digestive Process

The first benefit when your fighting cocks are given corn feed is to help the health of your fighting cocks, especially in digestion. Yes, corn is known for its high fiber content. Of the fiber that is owned by this corn is very good for your fighting cocks, so that if your fighting cocks experience digestive problems. For example, it is difficult to defecate, or when you have water. Then the fiber contained in corn will normalize the defecation problem from your fighting cocks. So that your fighting cocks will run smoothly and will no longer defecate. That is the first benefit of corn feed for your fighting cocks.

Helps To Strengthen Bones

Then the second benefit of corn feed for fighting cocks is that this corn can help to strengthen bones. As we know that bones require ingredients such as iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium. That way it will strengthen bones. That is the reason why corn is so good for fighting cocks, because it contains nutrients consisting of phosphorus, iron, copper and magnesium. So that this corn will help to strengthen bones. By having strong bones, your fighting cocks will be more resistant to the blows it receives from the enemy. So your fighting cocks are not easy to beat.
Increase Stamina and Energy

The next benefit that a fighting cock will get when fed corn is that it will increase its stamina and energy. As we know, corn is a feed which contains a lot of carbohydrates in it. Then the fighting cocks will definitely need carbohydrates so they can fight optimally when in the arena. Carbohydrates are the main key to making fighting cocks have good stamina. Not only that, but corn also contains complex carbohydrates. So that the stamina possessed by the fighting cocks when eating corn will be stable. Therefore it is highly recommended to give your fighting cocks using corn feed.

Helps Increase Weight

The next benefit of corn feed is that corn is very good to be used as feed to increase the weight of fighting chickens. So for those of you who feel that the fighting cocks have a small size, you can provide corn feed. That way, your fighting cocks will be even bigger than before. So that it will appear more maco when fighting in the arena. To gain weight, you need calories and carbohydrates. Therefore, the content in corn also has lots of calories and carbohydrates.