KNOW HOW TO PLAY ONLINE POKER Poker as one of the oldest gambling games that is widely known can now be played online without leaving your home. The popularity of online poker games continues to be felt even though online slot games are now the number one choice of Indonesian people, but not a few of those who want to test their skills in playing against other players still choose Online Poker games as their forum to compete. Poker itself is actually a legendary game that is regarded as one of the gambling games that requires and relies on your experience and ability to play to be able to win the game. PokerQQ is not an easy game and to be able to master this one game requires quite a long flight time starting from months to years.

How to Play Poker Online?

Online poker is played with a deck of playing cards containing 52 cards where each player will get 2 cards with 5 cards which will be distributed in the middle of the table randomly starting with 3 initial cards and will continue to increase by 1 card per round up to a maximum of 5. or the player with the strongest combination of 2 cards in hand and 5 cards on the table will come out as the winner. In this game there is a sequence of card values ​​and symbols that determine the strength of each image and symbol that

you must remember and memorize because it can be a determinant that will make you not blunder. Here is the order of numbers and symbols from weakest to strongest 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, AS. As for the symbols or images from the highest to the lowest, they are Spades, Hearts, Curly, Diamonds. Each card has 4 versions of the image for example 2♠, 2♣, 2♦ and 2♥. All pictures and numbers have a function that aims to be one of the combinations that can be used to master the game. When you sit down at the table and start the game there are several player options that you can do, including: